Chrome’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Written on 11 September 2008 by

Livehacker has discovered lots of built-in keyboard shortcuts at Google Chrome.
Here are a few of our favorites:

* (Chrome only) Ctrl+B toggles the bookmarks bar on and off.
* (Chrome only) Shift+Escape opens Google Chrome’s Task Manager.
* Ctrl+L to move your cursor to the address bar.
* Ctrl+K moves your cursor to the address bar to enter a Google search.
* Ctrl+T opens a new tab.
* Ctrl+N opens a new window.
* Ctrl+Shift+T opens the last closed tab.
* (Chrome only) Ctrl+Shift+N opens a new window in “Incognito Mode.”
* Ctrl+Tab cycles through open tabs; Ctrl+Shift+Tab reverse cycles through open tabs.
* Ctrl+J opens the Downloads tab.
* Ctrl+W closes the current tab.
* Ctrl+R refreshes the current page.
* Ctrl+H opens the History tab.
* Alt+Home loads your homepage.
* Ctrl+1 through 9 switches to a particular open tab position.
* Ctrl++, Ctrl+-, Ctrl+0 Enlarges, reduces, and restores default text sizes, respectively.


Chrome Easter Eggs

Written on 9 September 2008 by

Here are some easter eggs from Google Chrome discovered so far
* about:memory
* about:stats
* about:network
* about:internets
* about:histograms
* about:dns
* about:cache
* about:plugins
* about:version

Enjoy ;)

Chrome Hacks – “about:internets”

Written on 9 September 2008 by

Visit “about:internets” in your Chrome browser and here is what you’ll get

Any other hacks you wanna share? Email us hacks (at)
Enjoy ;)

New Chrome Themes Available For Download!

Written on 8 September 2008 by

Some new nice themes are available at chrome themes factory as of today! Be the first to dress your Chrome up!

Google Chrome Theme Switcher

Written on 8 September 2008 by

Now a nice tool available that allows you to switch Google Chrome themes.

Don’t forget that you can download Chrome themes from this location.

Chrome Can Give The Dust To Firefox In Two Years

Written on 8 September 2008 by

With Firefox having gained approximately 20% percent market share over the past 4 years, we believe Google Chrome could gain 15-20% share within 2 years.
Does Google’s new Chrome browser matter? Some people think it does. One of them is Lehman Brothers analyst Douglas Anmuth. He is sure that the future of Chrome is not №1 or №3 at PC but the mobile devices. Probably the best results it will get at Google’s Android platform.

Chrome expected on Google’s Android Platform

Written on 8 September 2008 by

Google Inc is going to use Chrome as main browser in the Google Android Platform. Sergey Brin commented that these 2 products where developed separately however after getting a stable releases of them Chrome will be introduced as embedded browser for Android.

Google Chrome is vulnerable – Automatic File Download Exploit

Written on 8 September 2008 by

Google’s new Web browser (Chrome) allows files (e.g., executables) to be automatically downloaded to the user’s computer without any user prompt.
This was tested on Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3 with Google Chrome (BETA)

Here is the code that demonstrates this issue:

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
document.write('<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="0" height="0">');
// ]]></script></code>

Running Google Chrome under WINE

Written on 8 September 2008 by

Many Wine users are wonder why can’t they install and run Chrome browser under Wine environment… Here is a simple manual on how to run Chrome under Wine:

/tested under Ubuntu 8.04.1 distribution/

1) # wget
# sudo cp winetricks /usr/sbin

# sudo chmod +x /usr/sbin/winetricks

actually, flash is optional but i guess you’ll add this option as well ;)

(you may need to install cabextract package after this)

# winetricks riched20 riched30 flash

installing some fonts
# winetricks allfonts

getting installation copy of Chrome (be sure to download the latest one)
# wget

run it under wine

# wine chrome_installer.exe

after installing you should get .desktop file at your desktop for running the application. Be sure to append “–new-http –in-process-plugins” to it’s run-command.

Here is a sample of a string you can get
env WINEPREFIX=«/home/userdir/.wine» wine «C:\windows\profiles\userdir\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe» –new-http –in-process-plugins

Now start it and enjoy ;)

ps: if this doesn’t help – be sure to update your Wine version to 1.1.3 or higher.

Blocking Ads in Google Chrome

Written on 8 September 2008 by

As we mentioned earlier, Chrome has no plugins support implemented so a new question raised in the heads of Chrome-community “is it possible to block ads in Chrome browser?”.

Well.. the answer is “yes” ;)

So here are some instructions that can help you in blocking unwanted ads in your tiny Chrome browser:
1) Go to and download the latest version of this proxy server. Install it at your PC.
2) Activate “Wrench” icon in Chrome’s top right corner, click at “Settings” and then “Change proxy settings”. Set as you proxy server and 8118 as a port for proxy. Option “Bypass proxy for local settings” has to be checked as well.
3) Restart your browser
4) Enjoy ;)

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